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Long before the journey starts, globetrotters and newcomers alike have an array of travel solutions from which to choose. periscope-249150__340 (1).jpg Your dream vacation might be to go on a rigorous adventure, relax by the ocean or visit the place you have only read about. Turn to AMT Travel, an American Express Travel Representative, if you want to travel the world in style and luxury.

Having over 25 years of experience, certified training and considerable travel throughout the globe means that that our travel specialists are experts on the world’s premium cruise lines such as Princess, Oceania, Silversea and Holland Cruises. Someone who books a deluxe cruise is looking for a voyage of enjoyment. Think of them as five-star floating hotels offering the very best in personal service, state-of-the-art facilities, premium entertainment and one-of-a-kind on-land adventures.

Surpassing expectations is AMT Travel’s foremost concern. As well as planning the very best trip possible. Enjoy a trip expressly designed for you aboard the world’s top cruise lines. We organize travel to places that will complement your cultural, educational passions and lifestyle choices.

AMT American Express Travel and Globus Tours, a renowned tour company, are working together to bring you the finest tours in the world.

Leading the way in escorted American Express Tours, AMT American Express Travel offers a variety of exotic destinations and travel styles. American Express Tours offers an unsurpassed selection of nearly 200 vacations to over 60 countries on six continents, offering visits to the most remarkable cities in Europe and venturing out in the world’s most enchanting locales.

And there are privileges to being a member. At AMT American Express Travel, we service our faithful customers by providing pre-negotiated tour rates. At the end of the day, AMT Travel’s returning client list is impressive because our consultants make it their business to create a package that is one-of-a-kind and complete. You will never have to worry about things like getting that upgrade, keeping track of on travel times, organizing travel paperwork, finding the best exchange rate, selecting excursions or working out what to bring.

AMT Travel will take you around the world 24 hours a day and ensures travel assistance around the clock. We make sure your travel is hassle-free, stress -free and problem-free. So your part is to pack and we will take care of everything else. Permit AMT Travel help turn your travels go from dream to reality.

The Advantages of American Express Pay with Points Plan

AMT Travel is pleased to offer more savings and peace of mind with American Express' Pay with Points program.

Although American Express Membership Rewards customers could redeem their points for miles with partner airline carriers in past years, flights were not easy to come across. Now you have the choice of paying in full, or in part, with your Membership Rewards Credit Card Reward points for each holiday packages, flights and lodging.

American Express® Card members can use Membership Rewards points to purchase any and all travel through Travelscene American Express, one of the biggest travel agency providers in Australia. American Express Membership Rewards are good for renting cars, booking flights and accommodations, packages and tours. Redeeming your points is effortless and fast – and AMT Travel can guide you.

Following are some perks, to name just a few: -No travel blackout time periods – points can be utilized at any time for all travel. -10,000 Membership Rewards points is equal to $100 of travel.

-Hotels, cars, flights, tours, packages, foreign currency, insurance, and airport taxes are all included. -Earn frequent flyer points on travel plans paid for with points. -Pay conveniently with points in-store.

-There are no concealed fees for using your American Express Card when booking travel if you purchase with points and your card And lastly, AMT American Express Travel Representative can assist you in coordinating first and business class travel with your American Express points! cruising-4057622__340.jpg

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